Assistant Director FIA past paper 2020

(11) . If they ...... new batteries, their torch would have worked better?

  1. bought

  2. would buy

  3. had bought

  4. None of these

(12) . Police ...... two men following robbery in Commercial Market this afternoon?

  1. are being questioned

  2. are questing

  3. have been questioned

  4. None of these

(13) . He admired ….. the musical show at the party since it was not that appealing on television?

  1. having seen

  2. to see

  3. being seen

  4. None of these

(14) . He eventually reached a decision to give up ...... home late at night after the dacoit manhandled him?

  1. come

  2. to come

  3. coming

  4. None of these

(15) . Sohail could have done better on the test .....?

  1. If the instructor would have discussed these concepts in the class

  2. If the instructor had discussed these concepts in the class

  3. If the instructor discussed these concepts in the class

  4. None of these

(16) . Are they going to visit the Hiran Minar .....?

  1. While they are in Sheikhupura

  2. While they will be in Sheikhupura

  3. While they have to be in Sheikhupura

  4. None of these

(17) . ...... turned out to be very kind and cooperative?

  1. The woman who I spoke to

  2. The woman whom I spoke to

  3. The woman I spoke to

  4. None of these

(18) . Why are you playing video games all the time .....?

  1. You can complete your task already

  2. You should have completed your task

  3. You have to complete your task already

  4. None of these

(19) . ..... as he thought that his decision would bring betterment in the long run?

  1. Our father advised us do not be sad

  2. Our father advised us not be sad

  3.  Our father advised us not to be sad

  4. None of these

(20) . If they had gone through the novel, .....?

  1. They would have understood the plot of the movie

  2. They had understood the plot of the movie

  3. They will understand the plot of the movie

  4. None of these