Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme 2022-23

Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme 2022-23

Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme 2022-23 

Fully Funded

The Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme is an amazing opportunity for new full-time Ph.D. students from around the world to study at Hong Kong's leading universities. Fully funded scholarships for international students are available to anyone who excels academically, has a track record of success and demonstrates leadership qualities. Anyone around the world can apply for this Ph.D. Fellowship Program regardless of their place or country of residence or birth and ethnic, religious, or political affiliation. In addition, there is no restriction on the previous work experience of colleagues interested in the Hong Kong Fellowship.

The Fully Funded Doctoral Scholarship is an opportunity for Ph.D. Fellows to gain world-class experience in every educational program and research activity in the World City of Asia. The highly competitive partnership offers 300 scholarships to students around the world based on their outstanding academic records and interpersonal skills. Since the RGC launched the Scholarship Scheme in 2009, many students have benefited and participated in research that has changed the world. Hong Kong colleagues have made a name for themselves in science, medicine, engineering, humanities, economics, etc., so this International Fellowship Program for Ph.D. Fellows is the best way for them to pursue higher education. There is a huge opportunity to do.

Basic Information of Hong Kong Ph.D Fellowship 2022-23:

Host Country:

  • Hong Kong
Study Fields:
  • Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Engineering and technology.
  • Humanity.
  • Social sciences
  • Business education
Degree Level:
  • Ph.D
Program Duration:
  • 3 Years
  • 300 Doctoral Fellowships
List of Universities:
  • Lingan University.
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • The City University of Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong Ph.D Fellowship 2022-23:
  • Candidates must be new full-time Ph.D. students.
  • Candidates can be from any nationality around the world.
  • Candidates must prove that their university education is in English.
  • If the candidate's previous source of education is not English, he/she will have to present a certificate of English proficiency.
  • If the candidate is not a new Ph.D. student, he or she can only apply for this fellowship if he or she enrolls in other new full-time Ph.D. programs.
  • The candidate has to choose from the given list of 8 universities
Benefits Provided for the Hong Kong Ph.D Fellowship 2022-23:
  • Fellows will receive an annual stipend of HK $ 322,800 for three years.
  • Fellows will receive an annual travel allowance of HK $ 13,500 for conferences and research-related migrations.
  • If the Ph.D. exceeds 3 years, additional support will be provided by the university.
  • No prior work experience is required.
  • No request is required for the initial friendship request.
How to Apply for HKF:
  • Candidates should apply separately for the university and this fellowship.
  • Candidates must first apply for the fellowship.
  • To apply for the fellowship, candidates must complete an initial application through the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme Electronic System (HKPFSES).
  • Upon successful submission of the initial application, candidates will receive a reference number.
  • Candidates should apply for selected universities (up to 2 universities and 2 programs by priority) and the reference number is given should be mentioned in the university application form.
  • If candidates forget to indicate the HKPFSES reference number, their applications will be considered on a permanent basis and this association will not be considered.
  • Every university has a different submission date, so to get a reference number before the deadline, you must complete the initial application as soon as possible to meet the university deadline.
Host Universities and their Application Deadline:

   The Education University of Hong Kong:

            Application Deadline:  1-12-2021

   The Chinese University of Hong Kong:

             Application Deadline: 1-12-2021 (5:00 pm Hong Kong Time)

    Hong Kong Baptist University:

            Application Deadline:  1-12-2021 (11:59 pm Hong Kong Time).

     City University of Hong Kong:

           Application Deadline:  Before 1-12- 2021

      Lingnan University :

            Application Deadline: 2-12-2021 (11:59 pm Hong Kong Time)

     The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

           Application Deadline: 1-12-2021 (11:59 pm Hong Kong Time)

      Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

            Application Deadline: 1-12-2021 (11:59 pm Hong Kong Time)

     The University of Hong Kong:

           Application Deadline: 1-12-2021 (11:59 pm Hong Kong Time)

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