What are Pakistanis trying to know or learn on the Internet in 2023?

What are Pakistanis trying to know or learn on the Internet in 2023?

Most people turn to Google once, twice or hundreds of times when they want to know the answer to a question, learn something or face a problem.

But in 2023, what questions did Pakistanis turn to Google to find answers or learn?

The answer has been given in Google's list of the most popular trending searches of 2023.

This list consists of 8 categories in total.

Cricket, Events/Occasions, News, Recipes, TV Shows and Movies, Technology and Personalities as well as How-To are also included in these categories.

Most searched topics on Google in Pakistan in 2023

The questions that Google has answered or tried to solve problems by writing how-tos in this category are quite interesting.

The most sought after Google in this category is related to a new feature of WhatsApp.

The feature channel of WhatsApp was introduced some time ago and the most asked question by Pakistanis to Google was how to create a WhatsApp channel.

The second question that Pakistanis turned to Google to find the answer to was how to apply for a Canadian visa (How to apply for Canada visa).

This indicates that most Pakistanis prefer Canada to migrate abroad.

The third question is quite interesting and that is how to make flowers last longer.

This shows that Pakistani citizens have a lot of love for gardening.

The fourth question is very common but most people using Google accounts ask when they forget their account password or cannot access it for some reason.

What did Pakistanis search the most on Google this year?

This question is how to recover Gmail account (How to recover Gmail account).

Reading the number 5 problem asked for Google's help, it seems that women are more likely to do this.

The question was how to remove mehndi from hands.

It would not be wrong to call 2023 the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology as the use of AI chatbots from ChatGPT and other companies has become common.

This is the reason why how to use ChatGPT was ranked sixth in Google's How to searches (How to use ChatGPT).

How to scan Pepsi QR code (How to scan Pepsi QR code), this question is at number 7 in this list.

Matriculation results are very important for every student as they determine the educational future.

This is the reason why the question at number 8 is how to check matric result.

How to get my AI assistant on Snapchat was the 9th most popular question.

Looking at the question at the end, one can guess that people must have turned to Google during Ramadan to ask it.

The question was how to pray Taraweeh